May #1GAM, entry for the #NoTouch #1GAMCRUNCH challenge (where it won an honorable mention!) and Mini Ludum Dare game jam.

A raging God, fed up with humanity, descends from the heavens to scourge the Earth and create an intergalatic highway in its place.
With Him come raging fanatics and a legion of angels.
Mankind fights back, using all tools available to them to wage war against the celestial invaders.
You are Cruncher Pat and pilot the Sirimech, a robotic war machine equipped with a prototype voice command input method.
After a keenly aimed lightning bolt disables all conventional controls of the mech, Pat must rely on the unstable technology to fend off the incoming hordes.

This game requires a microphone and the latest version of Google Chrome to be played and uses the CreateJS and Google Web Speech frameworks.
Source code

Press any key to toggle the microphone on/off and say "go, start, begin, commence, or initiate" to begin the game.
Note that Chrome requests your permission every time the microphone is toggled on, it will not start capturing sound until you agree.

The following is a list of all the voice commands for each action. There are also many backup commands that sound similar to these and have the same effect.
Is there an obvious one i forgot to include? Having a hard time saying a command because the result is always a similar word? Let me know and i'll add it!

>ACTIVATE SHIELDS: shield, shields, wall, barrier, protect, shell
>ACTIVATE CHAINGUN: chain, gun, machine, rapid, fire, quick, swift, fast
>FIRE MISSILE: missile, rocket, grenade, bazooka
>FIRE LASER: laser, ray, beam
>PAUSE GAME: pause, stop, time, freeze
>RESUME GAME (from pause screen only): go, resume, continue, proceed
>RESET GAME (from pause/gameover screens only): reset, set, reload, load, retry, try, again
>EXIT TO TITLE (from pause/gameover screens only): exit, quit, leave

>SHIELD: Protects from non-physical damage for a period of time.
>CHAINGUN: Automatically fires rounds at the closest enemy until another weapon is activated.
>ROCKET: Fires a rocket at the closest enemy and deals damage to all enemies in its vicinity.
>LASER: Fires a laser at the closest enemy.